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Atopia: The Beginning

In amongst these busy last weeks of the year, a new Castlemaine Circus project had its first creative development. Stage 1 of 'Atopia' ended last weekend, and we are really excited about what is possible when we recommence in 2016.

For 6 weeks in November and December a talented group of young people have been working with local artists to initiate and capture ideas that will inform a new site specific work in 2016.With the help of young people from Maldon Neighbourhood House’s Young West Program, and Young People at the Meeting Place, and young people that have worked together on Friday afternoons, we have broken open ideas, and are working towards creating a new performance style that weaves together physical performance, circus arts, storytelling, video, live sound and lighting.

Castlemaine Circus Inc would like to thank first and foremost the brave and talented youth ensemble/sound/tech team who made this first stage so inspiring. Thanks to the creative team Mandy Field, Sam Thomas, Michelle Heaven, and Lisa Mills, and to Punctum Inc. for the use of such a stunning venue at the ICU. Thanks also to Jim Austin, Leonie Van Eyk, Jim Coad, Maldon Neighbourhood House, Bryan McMullan, The Young People from the Young West Program, The Meeting Place, Kath Coff, Julie McHale, Curly Roost, The Regional Arts Fund, Regional Arts Victoria, Creative Victoria, Workspace.

For more information about 2016, contact

Image Credits: Leonie Van Eyk

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